Thyme canned

The main uses of the fruit are:

1. Add energy, add brain.
the use of the fruit
Use of Fabrics - Proper Eating for Health
In the rice cloth contains 66% glucose, 5% saccharose, contains more than 70% sugar, the top fruit trees, have the effect of energy, increase nutrition.
Fabrics have a nutritious effect on brain structures, improving insomnia; forgetful; Mournful spirit ... see clearly. 2. Boost immune function. the use of the fruit Use of Fabrics - Proper Eating for Health The rice is rich in vitamin C and protid, helping to strengthen immune function, improve resistance. From ancient to now is considered a ton. 3. Detoxification of spleen, only blood. Fabrics are well known for its tonic effect, but can be used for surgical diseases such as tumors, lymph nodes, boils, bleeding trauma ... the use of the fruit
4. Only the yoke, only the left (reduced reflux, diarrhea). Monkey Junior - Monkey Junior - Give your child a solid foundation Fabulous warmth of the digestive system, can reduce the reflux, is a good nutritional food for patients with reflux eczema reflux and diarrhea.

5. Prevent the development of cancer cells According to two studies by experts at Zhejiang University, Gon Shang and Sichuan University (China) showed:
In litchi fruit flavonoid works very well in preventing the risk of breast cancer in women. .
the use of the fruit The use of fabric - not as hot fabric In addition to flavonoids, the fruit also contains vitamin C, which is a source of nutrients that the body can not produce,
which helps the body prevent cancer, cardiovascular. It is also good for bones, skin and body tissues to help prevent diseases such as colds, fever, sore throat, pain.

6. Helps blood circulation The fruit pulp contains many useful compounds that help circulate blood.
In the traditional Chinese treatment of the mentioned, if eat cloth regularly will help blood circulation well, good spleen, good for sick people to wake up, depression.
Dry cane is a natural tonic for women and older people. Fabric has the effect of limiting blood vessel obstruction, destroying cells and reducing the risk of stroke by more than 50%.