Vegetarian Food

Porridge Sen Bat Bao

Ingredients: sticky rice, green beans, longan, lotus seeds, red beans, willow, peanuts, sugar, water ...



* Regular glutinous rice, help treat gastric ulcer - duodenum, lung, reduce numbness * Green peas detoxifying heat; Red Lentil

* It helps to lax and digest good

* Lotus seeds contain nutrients such as: starch, sugar, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron ... are nutritious food, kidney, spleen, mental workers Too stressful, mental instability, or forget to eat

* Peanuts have sweet taste, analgesic effect, lung, sputum consumption, strengthening the gas, throat, anti-cough.

* Longan has the effect of blood tonic, nourishing, tranquility, addiction, supplement, sue.

* Red beans have a lot of vitamins and minerals, physical stability and mental comfort

Directions for use: Open before eating. It's cooler when it's cold, it's hot when eaten hot

Preserving a cool and dry place Fast food products, no preservatives