Highlights of tomato scallops:

Just like fresh fish, canned fish are high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Fat in canned fish is fish fat, often containing vitamins A and D or refined vegetable oils

- In fish with very little glucid, it is recommended to use canned fish as food with relatively high proportion of nutrients.

Vitamins in canned fish include fat soluble vitamins (A, D, K, E, ...) commonly found in fish liver oil and water soluble types such as B, C, ... ..

- The main mineral salts in canned fish are: calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, etc., which also contain trace elements essential for the body such as: iodine, lithium, ...

- Canned tomatoes are very convenient to take away or are available in the home to nourish people at the time of fatigue and especially for women during pregnancy and after birth ... The use of two or. 
Three years, the quality remains stable. - Not only provide nutrients of fish but also provide nutrients from tomato sauce is processed thoroughly. - The harmonious combination of steamed scallops and tomato sauce create a unique flavor of the product. - Modern technology of sterilization combined with handcrafts to reproduce stars, marinated to ensure fish meat when eaten delicious flavor, soft, fresh water to smell, store enough necessary nutrients. for body.