Canned Tuna Fish In Brine

How to produce: Tuna fish are cleaned well, before removing their heads, gills and viscera. These cleaned pieces of sardines are then cooked by steaming or deep frying. After cooking, these fish pieces are dried and packed in Brine. When canned in brine, light tuna contains more fat and therefore more calories.

-       Certification         : FDA, HACCP, ISO

-       Preservation Process: Brine

-       Part: Body

-       Origin:        Vietnam

-       Shelf Life:   3 years

-       Tin Type:    Normal lid round tin

-       N.W: 185g/120g, 170g/120g as for customer's require

-       Packing:      185g x 48 tins/carton ,170gx 48 tins/carton