These foods should be stored in the refrigerator before Tet

Many housewives have the habit to market porters piles of stored food. However, a culinary consultant, you should not store too much food because if unused, broken food just is not good, just when the market is often wasted in a meeting of 3rd Year.
Here are the foods needed in your refrigerator, only moderate quantities.


This is the most essential necessities for Tet, but you should not buy too many stocks by New Year people often eat less. However, reserve some fresh meat in the fridge as well as what you should do.

Meat is the first purchaser of the washing and cleaning, drain. If so, you should give the meat to the vacuum bag, if not, you can usually use plastic bags and stored in a freezer, when using the defrost naturally. This will help the meat fresh longer, Tet ensure you will not lack for meat processing. Moreover, this approach also helps the meat retain natural flavors, with no unpleasant odor.


With fresh fish, do not buy more stocks, because after 3 days of Tet market has gathered. Snakehead chose from 1 kg or more solidity and excess flesh. Black carp to buy from 3kg or more. Choose the healthy, a struggling strong, in his eyes. The meat hotpot filter out all the bones, skin peeling, squeezing ginger wine for white meat, fresh grease, every smell and dry absorbent paper. Then sliced, marinated into boxes, stored in the freezer. 1 day before eating soup, then remove to cool to prevent soft fish, then defrosting.

Fish must be cleaned put into refrigerator
Some people think to buy fresh fish in the freezer will keep for a long time, but if for reasons other fish intestines, decomposition takes place very quickly. Buy seafood to be cleaned, stored in the refrigerator, open limited cold loss.


Trinh Ngoc Khai, club president Hanoi professional chefs, seafood quiche dish is very easy to eat by the holidays, light hearted, fast targets, not sick, not gaining weight ... But if not well-preserved processing techniques will easily damaged, accidentally poisoning will take pleasure in spring. The family should be on supermarket goods are bought for processing and canning guarantee, simply store them in the refrigerator until use. Seafood should be purchased early from 26, 27 Year, 30 lest the very expensive and there are not.

fresh vegetables

On the day of Tet, cold, or hot pot dishes are used. Therefore, people need to buy more vegetables, broccoli, chrysanthemum ... picked up and washed into the basket to dry flakes, dried and then placed in plastic bags (not compacted), stored in the refrigerator against contusion duct. Can reserve cabbage, cabbage soup to eat.

- Should be stockpiled some kohlrabi bulbs, cooked carrots to the soup mild or mannequin; 1-2 broccoli or white ones, little fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms, black mushrooms to cook with shredded chicken broth, water, bone, fried or in soup balls.


There are a few spices small but essential for the Lunar New Year dishes such as ginger, lemongrass to boil chicken for beef. Some of the necessary spices, onions, dill, lemon leaves hardly lacking. This little spice things so often forgotten. You should keep this in mind to reserve lemon, onion, green onions, herbs of all kinds, ginger, lemongrass, lime leaves ... in the refrigerator prior to use in the New Year.

Reserves should buy garlic, onion, ginger as will be used for many dishes. These things are so dry outside.


So buy 1.4 - 1.5kg is just. Then wash, rubbing salt ginger and place in a plastic bag in the refrigerator (do not necessarily have to freezer).


Fruits have a long shelf-life. With reserves fruit festival, you should choose the hard shelled fruit, avoid easy bruising choose; washing, drying, storage in the refrigerator compartment to cool, dry place outside the natural ripe fruit.