production process of canned orange juice

Cool, sweet and full of vitamin C - just think of orange juice was thirsty already!
Every time you go to the supermarket, the teen must always be tempted by the range of food and drinks to buy for your favorite canned fruit. Along with the fast pace of life, plus "lazy diseases" canned drinks occupy a significant place in his home refrigerator them. And you know, orange juice is considered as the dominant kingdom kings juices all over the world there!

Orange fruit is nutritious, rich in vitamins A, C, B1, very good for health and beauty skin effect as well as weight loss again. Orange trees originated from the South Asian region, was brought to the Americas in the 16th century quickly orange trees grown in Florida (USA) and Brazil. So far, two areas where canned orange juice produced the world's largest.
Today, we break into the field of large oranges in Florida (USA) and find out if the process produces canned orange juice like okay!
In the old days, people just used to using orange as a fruit to eat normally. Until 1890, the demand for orange juice surged as new people discover the prevention and cure of the disease Scurvy, a disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin C body, manifest with symptoms such as bleeding gums, slow healing wounds, bruises on the skin.
Canned orange juice began throne since 1944, when scientists figured out how to concentrated orange juice and frozen without losing flavor and vitamins inside.