Alternative food for good health

Some foods in the daily diet may not suit your body needs. Instead, you choose alternative foods to increase efficiency for optimal health.

Instead of wheat flour dough: Wheat flour contains more nutrients and flavor when processed baked goods. Wheat bran contains highly digestible fiber helps reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Rather flavor yogurt with nonfat fruit yogurt: Yogurt contains more sugar flavor. To reduce sugar, choose low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit and more or less holds your honey or sweetener.
Replace salt with garlic powder: As with other fresh herbs, garlic powder delicious flavor without salt. But do not confuse substitute garlic powder garlic salt.
Replace peanut butter with low fat natural peanut butter: Peanut butter fat may contain sugar and additives. As natural peanut butter, no salt particular type has the same sweet taste and calories.
Replace fat with mashed banana: When baking, you can choose to increase the fat mashed banana dish. Bananas contain fiber, potassium and vitamin B6.
Replace white rice with brown rice: During processing, the rice bran reduces loss of valuable fiber. So, choose brown rice to get enough nutrients.
Instead of energy drinks with soda ash: In energy drinks contain sugar, so choose soda without sugar and fresh lemon slices to enhance the flavor. However, if combined with alcohol soda and a slice of fruit will add less sugar than is good for health.
Instead of cream and sugar in coffee with cinnamon: Limiting cream and cinnamon sugar by spreading small cell cut 70 calories in 1 cup of coffee. Moreover, cinnamon can boost the body's metabolism.
Replace salt with herbs or fresh lemon juice: Probably you will be surprised to know there is no salt foods always taste better. In fact, fresh herbs and lemon juice brings not only taste delicious food but also to limit the risk of abuse of sodium. You can replace salt with other herbs such as garlic powder, because it makes the food taste without salt.
Replace butter with olive oil: When making eggs, olive oil help reduce saturated fat and increase omega-3 fat is good for health.
Replace mayonnaise with mustard or butter: This method is suitable for sandwiches, burgers and fries.
Rather syrup with fruit puree: fruit puree rich in antioxidants and vitamins than syrup factors.

Instead of fruit juice or tea with canned unsweetened iced tea: water type but use canned convenience, but contain more sugar and calories. Ideally, water should be homemade unsweetened iced tea at home.
Instead of crisps popcorn: Popcorn less calories and fat, not spicy. Ideally, you should be processed popcorn at home and add cinnamon, chili powder and cheese to enhance the flavor.
Replace sugar with apple sauce: apple sauce helps create sweet taste, no calories and no added sugar. One cup of unsweetened applesauce contains about 100 calories while a cup of sugar contains more than 770 calories.
This alternative is suitable when processing pie baked oatmeal raisins. You can also choose apple sauce instead of oil or butter to increase the sweetness of banana bread or muffins as porous low-fat cranberry scones Vietnam.
Instead of using nutritional yeast cheese: Instead of spreading cheese on fried meat pie, choose flavored nutritional yeast cheese to reduce fat.