Pink Lips - a precious medicine

These days, the North is blossoming season. Each row of goods spread around the streets bring gifts home country, yellow and rattles and fragrant fragrant. Pink fruit is sour sour, sweet sweet, shade tastes have the flavor of the heart to know how many people. Not only a delicious snack, pink whiskers are also precious medicine. The rosary season is about to end, you make a jar of jelly, just make a snack and treat as a cough medicine for the family in the winter.


- 400 g of berries
- 150 g of alum sugar
- 1 small spoonful of salt
- 2 tablespoons of honey


- Rinse the roses to wash with water and then soak in the salt water diluted 30 minutes, picking out the basket to drain.

- Pull the leopard cut out of the stem, use the tongue pull a slight cross-shaped fruit, squeeze gently to remove the kernels out.


- Place the rosemary on a piece of sugar with sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, cover to keep the refrigerator cold for the sugar to dissolve and absorb into the whipped.

- Use a thick pan to fry the jam. Pour the marinated pudding mixture into the pan with a small fire. Boil your hands just to keep the jam from burning.

- After the sugar water begins to thicken for 2 tablespoons of honey on the island, shallow sugar, jam is hunting.

- To make the jam more dry, you can spread the tray, spread it, turn on the fan, or let it go for a few hours.

Put the jar in a glass jar, cover the lid and store it in the refrigerator cooler.

* Finished products:

Pink jelly is beautifully golden amber eyes, long hard shell, meat inside the plasticizer, sweet and sour harmonious. In the days of the season, pick up a jam, chew slowly to feel the sweet sour sweetness, aroma of essential oils, the pangolins of the shell. Add a sip of warm tea, feeling great and relaxed.

Le Nguyen