Longan is a precious medicine made from the pulp of the fruit tree. Longan label is famous for its nutritional products. Leaf stickers, fruit shells, roots, seeds, flowers, leaves have high therapeutic value such as: "Concentrated blood, gas, blood, health, over anxiety, psychological damage, insomnia box, diarrhea caused by spleen.
* How to process longan:

- Longan is made from the pulp of ripe oranges (usually branded from Hung Yen or Bac Giang), when the fruit is ripe, people pick and use hand tools to separate the seeds, keep them The sting is not broken. Then dried, when the oven, the label is dry and yellow natural, eaten, with the moon smell of fabric. If you buy the fabrics are characterized as above, it is certainly not bleached or bleached sugar color.


Then longan leaves will be packed in 2 to 3 thick thick nylon bags, you should preserve longan labels in high places, cool ...

The effects of longan are as follows:

- Prevent anemia, insomnia, panic: longan 12g, apple 12g, 12g yellow ginseng, 12g white starch, 12g ginseng, 12g ginseng, rustic 4g, 6g telescope, 12g , 4 g. Drink on 1 month.

- Use in cases of cardiac arrhythmia, nervousness, insomnia, back pain pillow 15g, chestnut 10-20 seeds, 50g rice, sugar just enough. Chestnuts peeled, crumbs cooked with rice into porridge, when the rice porridge is put in, boiled evenly, when eating more sugar.

- For picky eaters, slow digestion, blue skin re: longan 250g, honey 250g, apple 250g, ginger juice just enough to eat. Cook longan, apple with water, when cooked, to ginger juice and honey, boiling is

- People with anemia, bleeding under the skin: longan 10g, seedlings (including shelled particles) 15g. For less salt, less water, cooked food.

* People should limit longan:

- People with obesity

- He is hot in, get acne

- Pregnant women.