Immerse yourself in the aromatic peel of grapefruit

Grapefruit is the fruit of almost every season available. By the Lunar New Year, grapefruit is always picked up by the sisters to put five fruit tray and used to make pomelo peel jam. How to make grape pom poms fast, easy to make so people can do at home for Tet.

Grapefruit jam ingredients:

Shell of grapefruit, white wine, sea salt, white sugar 150g.

Pre-processing of pomelo peel:

Grapefruit cleansing cut small pieces at ease for easy. Add about 2 tablespoons of salt soup to the water bowl, stirring, then peel the grapefruit into overnight. While peeling grapefruit often emerges, it is advisable to remove a heavier piece of grapefruit peel to ensure that all grapefruit pods are fully immersed in saline solution.

Boiled shredded grapefruit peel:

Grapefruit grapefruit after soaking overnight with saline to remove the clean thoroughly then squeeze the water to drain. Put the boiling water on the stove and boil the grapefruit boil for about 10 minutes. Then pick out in the ice water, wait for the grapefruit pebbles to dry the water. Taste a piece, if it is not spicy, if not spicy, can be boiled again until the peel is no longer the spicy.

How to make grapefruit jam:

Cut the pomelo peel into long strands to eat. Then pour the whole pile of grapefruit into the pan, pour the sugar to the sugar dissolved, soaked in the grapefruit peel. Let sugar completely melt and then to slug. Many families soaked peeled grapefruit with sugar for one night to soak.

Once the sugar has been absorbed in the grapefruit peel, the grapefruit fiber becomes clear. Pour on the kitchen, pour the wine, fire evenly. Just put the chopsticks on the island to let the sugar into the grapefruit and thaw out. Turn small fire to boiling jelly, sometimes stir evenly to prevent jams. As the sugar begins to flow, the island gently, continuously until the sugar grays white around the grapefruit peel, around the pan / pan. Turn off the stove, wait for the grapefruit shell to cool and put into the preserved bottle is okay.

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