How to make fruit jam strange mouth, nourishing the whole house

The supplement, according to oriental medicine, has a sweet, chat, effective bowel, bowel, enhance digestion, cleanse the intestine, reduce the poison, can be used to treat inflammation of joint pain, Hemorrhoids, sore throat, acne, boils, itchy rash, ...

Modern science has studied and pointed out, in 100g of fruit contains 1g of protein, 0.4g of fat, 12.9g of sugar, 49mg of calcium, 23mg of phosphorus, iron of 0.4 mg, ... blue has the effect of inhibiting the type of cancer cells such as connective tissue cancer, spontaneous breast cancer, slow the process of metastasis.

If you have cooked and do not know how to make a jar with bread to eat in the morning is very good, healthy and nutritious. The following formula also applies to figs (a fruit similar to figs).

Raw materials for making jam
- 1kg fresh cooked

- 60ml lime juice

- 200g of sand sugar

How to make jam from figs
- Sung should buy the stem as it is fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is very perishable so only preserved 1-2 days. Sung fruit should be picked not bruised, then washed, drained.

- Add the fruit in half.

- Add the sugar and lemon juice in a large saucepan to fry. 2

- Turn on the stove to let the sugar melted and soak into the fig, turning the hand to the road does not burn. Do this for 20-30 minutes until the sugar is in the jam as you can turn off the stove.

You have a delicious, nutritious jam. Wait for the jam to cool, put in a sealed container and store it in a refrigerator cooler can be used within 3 months.