Effect of ginger jam

For cases of cold cough fever not sweating and digestive disorders, can chew fresh, swallowed both water, dry ginger, grilled ginger ... drink ginger juice.

In the case of cold, use ginger wind, ginger dressing when the injury causes painful bruising, biting animal bites.

Drink ginger beer - Put the ginger fiber into the beer, just less welded to cause diuretic abdomen (beer belly).

Oriental medicine has long spoken of using ginger fried with garlic shrimp in the evening to regain fullness and good healing bad legs in young people with sexual aversion.

Ginger anti-inflammatory, analgesic in inflammation of musculoskeletal joint (75-85%).

Ginger powder drink water to soothe headaches.

Ginger controls the growth of cancer cells in certain stages and treats the vomiting syndrome of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In the heart: Ginger inhibits ATPase enzyme. Nerve stimulation increases the heart rate, relaxes the arteries, increases circulation, warms the body, relieves pain.

Prevention of motion sickness, dizziness, vomiting. Ginger is not causing sleepy so visitors are awake to admire beautiful scenery on the road, prevention of gastrointestinal disorders due to strange food in the new place, cold air sensation when the sun goes down on the journey of fatigue due to long sitting. in the car. Ginger tea is your friend, do not forget it in the bag.

On the genitals, ginger increases semen volume and sperm motility by 70-90%

Ginger increases intestinal motility, increases drainage, increases absorption. Japanese scientists have found that ginger restricts the formation of gallstones and advises people with gallstones to eat ginger.

Ginger is also very elaborate

Always keep in mind the characteristics of ginger as the new canopy, speaking to respect the use. Indications: Liver disease, eye pain, hemorrhoids, internal heat.

Pair of ginger with garlic selected by ancient people from ancient times (garlic not go with turmeric). Fresh ginger must use 8-9 months not too young, too old. Ginger to cool the shell, remove the shell is hot.

Take the time: "Summer eat ginger, (in winter to eat radish), morning ginger eat, dark ginger. There are books written: "Ginger eating morning gins such as ginseng, ginger dinner as poisonous as arsenic. Ginger is the fire god must know new heating in the body.

Be careful with pregnant women who are sweating easily.

Fresh ginger contains more gingerol so more spicy. Through drying dried dehydrated into shoagol. Shoagol is hotter than gingerol. Essential Oils: In dried ginger contains 200 substances and is typically gingerone. Mineral: K, Ca, P, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn, Co, Ge, Se. Carotenes (Pro-vitamin A), Groups B, C, E.

Ginger antioxidant, anti-aging: Stronger than vitamin E because it contains 12 antioxidant active ingredients.