Canned vegetables and things to note

1 . Effects of canning processes to nutritious vegetables inside

The conventional cooking can lose nutrients in fruits and vegetables . However, the extent of how loss is still controversial . A comparative study between canned vegetables with fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables showed as follows :

- Fiber is in fruits and vegetables are not affected by the canning process . In fact , the heating process generates more soluble fiber , which helps her body more effectively use it .
- The amount of vitamin A found in canned food for the baby also equivalent amount of vitamin A in fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables . Even the researchers also found that vitamin A in some canned vegetables even higher , for example pumpkin .
- An important carotenoids ( antioxidants ) more useful to the body after it is heated or canned . Lycopene (found in tomatoes ) too. That is why experts believe canned tomatoes nutritious than raw tomatoes .
- Despite the loss of vitamin C during the heat treatment of canned vegetables vitamin C concentrations in canned vegetables still enough for the baby if the term is still used (about 1 year ) . Fresh produce , on the other hand , nutrition can decline over time .
Note to canned vegetables

2 . Advantages of canned food for baby
- Canned advantage when feeding mother ( as they are peeled , cut and cooked , depending on type ) .
- Allow baby root vegetables taste much better , especially the kind of season fruit and vegetables ( fresh is not available for purchase ) .
- Due to the cleaning process , should handle pesticide residues in canned vegetables greatly reduced compared with fresh produce .
3 . Disadvantages
- Canned vegetables often have high sodium content . Sodium helps preserve and keep food flavoring for canning . Some experts suggest that you can rinse canned vegetables to remove sodium cooled boiled water ( but this only eliminates 1/3 of the amount of sodium ) . Not to mention , washing vegetables can lose water-soluble vitamins .
- Some chemical manufacturers use BPA in the lid ( BPA is harmful to humans and many countries have banned the use of it to produce the bottle ) . BPA in the lining of the lid can leach into food .
- Canned vegetables can contain more sugar syrup .
- Canned food can alter the texture of vegetables should make little difficult to actually feel the texture of vegetables .

Note to canned vegetables
Tips to purchase , preservation and canning for human use
If you decide to use canned baby's menu , here are some suggestions to ensure your baby food for good nutrition :
- Check the label thoroughly . Look for canned foods do not contain salt ( sodium ) . Choose canned fruits soaked in water the fruits do not contain syrup . Even canned vegetables can also contain sugar , so look for those without sugar . Check additives / preservatives other .
- Determine if the lid had BPA lining not . It is best to seek information from the manufacturer ( on the official website of the manufacturer , for example) .
- Avoid canned vegetables in sauces because they contain salt .
- Do not buy canned foods that are bulging , dented or leaking .
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- Make sure vegetables and fruits in glass boxes with lids not been tampered with .
- With the box opened , should be stored in the refrigerator and used up in 2 days .
- Canned vegetables are cooked without cooking again , as it would lose nutrients . Instead, fans can easily warm baby food .
- Should be used for both baby soaking liquid in canned vegetables because the nutrients leach into the water may have soaked . You can use this water for cooking soup , making soup , stew to take baby nutrition